What we do

We have various curtain ideas we want to share with you for home curtains, hotels, guesthouses and game lodges. Best is if we can meet for a consultation to discuss your ideas and we can recommend which designs work best in specific areas.

You can transform any area with window blinds in various styles available. We take every measure to ensure that your blinds fit perfectly, from your home to exclusive hotels and offices.

Bedding can turn an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary oasis of luxury. We supply bed linen, duvet covers, feather downs, fitted sheets, mattress protection, anything regarding bedding for your home, hotels, guesthouses and game lodges. 

As with many of our products, we do upholstery of wingback chairs, ottomans and headboard at our workshop. If you want to make a change let us help you choose the right material and renew your favourite item for you.

Whatever your taste, style or requirements, we provide kitchen design ideas that will transform your kitchen into a modern kitchen with all the bells and whistles.  Be it a new or remodelled kitchen you’re looking for, let us design and do the kitchen installation for you.

Wallpaper can change a dal area into a work of art and we implement bedroom wallpaper, kitchen wallpaper, living room wallpaper, commercial wallpaper, and can cover any wall that you so desire.

Make any space look special with the right rug. We provide all kinds of rugs ready made to fit into an area of your choice.

We create custom curtains and blinds

to our client’s satisfaction and provide the creative 

accessories to zhush it up.